Who We Feed

We feed a variety of children from Nursery up to Year 11.

Nursery & Lower School

We know how important fuel is for growth and energy throughout the day. Our primary school meals are created to bring enjoyment, inspiration, and healthiness to children’s school days, providing them with everything that they need in a fun, fresh and tasty format.

At Hobbs, our aim is to provide younger children with a healthy diet that they’ll enjoy, helping to develop and shape their eating habits in a positive way using a range of tasty, nutritional food, creative encouragement and dialogue with both children and parents.

We’ll be there every step of the way as children embark on their learning journeys, guiding them to a varied diet that will build a strong and healthy relationship with food.

All of our food is prepared freshly, incorporating a range of flavours that will broaden children’s palates, and encouraging them to be more adventurous with their choices. With our fun and professional presentation, and interactive food classes, you can be sure that children are going to get the most out of their school meals and will enjoy doing so!

Middle & Upper School

Nutrition is an important part within the learning process for every student. Fuelling the body with a meal that’s tasty, as well as healthy ensures more effective learning and better concentration. All of our secondary school meals and menus are created with this in mind, providing students with creative lunches that give them everything they need to succeed throughout the day.

By making delicious food that’s presented in an exciting and professional manner, we’re able to help students enjoy their school meal experience, whilst strengthening their relationship to a healthy diet.

Each of our weekly menus has been created to provide a diverse range of options so that everyone is catered for. We also make sure that every week has a balance of different nutrient-rich foods so that students are able to perform their best during the school day.

All of the food we make at Hobbs is prepared freshly and served hot, so staff and students can rely on getting the highest quality from their meals. As part of the secondary school meals, we serve additional snacks including sandwiches, wraps, paninis, pasta and salad pots and other fresh alternatives so that there really is something for everyone. Secondary school can be a busy time for active teens, which is why we ensure a great supply of healthy energy, in a format that anyone can enjoy!